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"Cromer's staging honors and sets off each individual in a way I've never seen before with this piece, thanks in no small part to the costumes of David Hyman."

--Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


"...very real looking sets (by Collette Pollard) and costumes (by David Hyman) create a kind of emotional milieu where despair and the need to connect physically alternate from number to number, eventually adding up to something bittersweet, and true."

--Hilton Als, New Yorker


"David Hyman’s costumes were superb. I LOVED the dirty, ripped, but appropriately ragged costumes for the main characters. Angel’s “holiday outfit” was an appropriate homage to the original costume, but with a more real, gritty feel."

--Lazlo Collins, Chicago Theatre Review


"It should be said that David Hyman's costumes are the most instantly refreshing aspect of this reimagining .... You know you're in for a new kind of treat when Alan Schmuckler's wonderfully schlubby Mark shuffles onstage sans the character's trademark scarf, sweater, and dippy hairdo. He's so splendidly gross-looking."

--Off-Broadway In Chicago


"Each of David Hyman’s costume pieces are tattered and timely, the garb of starving bohemians and the homeless as opposed to clean-cut cartoons."

--Scotty Zacher, Chicago Theater Beat


By Jonathan Larson


Directed by David Cromer

American Theatre Co. / About Face Theatre

Spring 2012


Set Designer: Collette Pollard

Lighting Designer: Heather Gilbert


Photo Credit: Michael Brosilow

All original artwork and designs are © David B. Hyman